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National Anti-Trafficking Information Resource Center (NATIRC)

National Anti-Trafficking Information Resource Center (NATIRC) of ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter Established in the year 2000, since then it is being increased its collection of information resources gradually. It has at its collection about four hundred literary materials and most of which are study & research findings, case stories, report and proceedings of the seminar / workshop / conference etc., on the issue of trafficking and sexual exploitation of children and women.

Classified Paper Clippings files are maintained on abduction/missing children or women, rape, child rape, gang rape, rape & kill, suicide due to rape, rescue, repatriation, rehabilitation, reintegration, legal action, punishment and so on from the several national dailies.

To create awareness among mass community ATSEC has developed and produced help-card, leaflet, sticker etc., for prevention of trafficking in human being. On the other hand, it has initiated to produce a quarterly newsletter in Bengali/Bangla since January 2002 with anticipation of its future continuation till trafficking in Children and Women is stopped!

ATSEC is very much concerned about trafficked returnees/survivors who is/are in most cases stigmatized for which it was felt that a database to be created & maintained at the National Anti-Trafficking Information Resource Center. Therefore, Returnees Database/Trafficking Information System (TIS) is introduced and installed at NATIRC. In the perspective of data collection and data entry, researcher(s) would be able to analyse the information scientifically from which percentage or ratio of the age group, family background, district, recruiter, trafficker, mode of trafficking, internal/external and reasons for trafficking, receiving countries, route tracking, consequences of trafficking etc.

NATIRC is ideal for teachers, students, researchers, analysts or anybody who has interest in anti-human trafficking issue. Here you may avail the reading facilities, photocopying services are also provided on payment.

For more details, please do not hesitate to contact at the following address:

Mr. Pranab Kumar Nandi
Information and Communication Officer
National Anti-Trafficking Information Resource Centre
ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter
House # 30, Road # 9A, Dhanmondi R/A
Dhaka - 1209, Bangladesh
Tel # 88 02 8121176/9134155
Mobile # 017810550 & 017104642
Fax # 88 02 8121176/9134155 Ext. 113