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From the Coordinator's Desk

Action against Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation of Children (ATSEC) Bangladesh Chapter produced this issue as a pilot venture. It was a felt need that one Newsletter be published, which will contain information regarding the issues of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children. This Newsletter will be one of the resource materials for any organization working against trafficking in children and women. For that reason all members has to come forward and send their organizational information, activities report, so that this can be printed in this Newsletter. This issue is completely experimental. If you like the idea, please send us your views and help us to produce a better Newsletter in future.
Mizanur Rahman


a) A technical assistance workshop for 7 grassroots level organizations will be held in the last week of April 2001. It will be organized by ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter.

b) One Advocacy Seminar for decision-makers (Member of Parliament, Law Enforcing Authority, Media People, etc.) will be held on May 2001.

c) A training course on "Counselling Skills and Research Method" will be held at ATSEC Secretariat from 27th April to 3rd May 2001


USAID Asia Chief Visits ATSEC

Mr. William Grant Anderson, Director, Office of the Eastern and South Asian Affairs, Asia/Nearest Bureau, USAID along with other USAID officials visited ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter on 11th of October2000. He was welcomed by the ATSEC Core members, office staff and rescued children of BNWLA Shelter homes.

He also talked to some of the rescued children staying at BNWLA shelter homes. ATSEC Project Director of NCPTCW Project Mr. Mizanur Rahman and Ms. Rina Sen Gupta, former Regional Representative of Save the Children Denmark & ATSEC Fund Manager were present during his visit.

Mr. Anderson was appraised about the trafficking situation of Bangladesh. Mr. Emranul Huq Chowdhury, Treasurer, ATSEC informed about the ATSEC activities and future Programme Plan of NCPTCW project.

Application for ATSEC Membership

Eighteen different officials from different NGOs/ Organizations visited ATSEC BC in the past few months. They all appreciated the activities of ATSEC. Most of them requested for ATSEC Membership as well as information.

Workshops/Seminars/ Training

Workshop on Review of Anti-Trafficking Activities in Bangladesh

A National Workshop entitled "Review of Anti-Trafficking Activities in Bangladesh", organized by ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter, was held at a local hotel on October 22, 2000.
Ministry of Women & Children Affairs, UNICEF and Save the Children Denmark sponsored the daylong workshop.

Ms. Rina Sen Gupta, former Regional Representative, Save the Children Denmark - Red Barnet and Fund Manager ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter inaugurated the session and it was presided over by Mr. Mizanur Rahman, Coordinator of ATSEC.

Participants exchanged their experiences and ideas to combat human trafficking. They also informed what their organizations are doing to prevent trafficking in different geographical location.

Training on Human Rights and Trafficking

ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter organized a training course entitled " Training on Human Rights and Trafficking" on December 3 to 6. The 4-day long course was supported by Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, UNICEF and Save the Children Denmark Red Barnet.
It was facilitated by Ms. Jyoti Sanghera, technical Advisor of Trafficking field, Regional Office, UNDP Delhi, India and co- facilitated by Mr. Emranul Huq Chowdhury, Director of UDDIPAN and Treasurer of ATSEC. A total of 20 participants from different organizations of the country took part in the occasion.
The closing session was attended by Mr. Dewan Sohrab Uddin Regional Representative, Save the Children Denmark, and Ms. Nargis Parvin of UNICEF. Ms. Samina Atique, Training Officer of ATSEC participated and acted as a rapporteur.

TOT on Anti-Trafficking Activities

ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter arranged a Training of Trainers (TOT) which was supported by USAID, held on 11th to 13th January 2001 at ATSEC Secretariat. The course was facilitated by Prof. Ishrat Shamim, President of CWCS and Mr. Emranul Huq Chowdhury, Treasurer of ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter and Director of UDDIPAN.

Mr. Dewan Sohrab Uddin, Regional Representative, Save the Children Denmark, Mr. Mizanur Rahman Coordinator of ATSEC and Executive Director of Resource Bangladesh were present in the concluding session. Ms Samina Atique, Training Officer attended the course on behalf of ATSEC.

The participants of this training course will disseminate their knowledge and information within their respective organizations.

Workshop on Psycho-social and Trauma Counselling

ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter organized a workshop entitled " Psycho-Social and Trauma Counseling for Children" held at Hotel Abakash from 24-26 August 2000.
Facilitated by Dr. Nilanjana Sanyal, Reader & Former Head Department of Psychology, Calcutta University and Ms. Farida Akter, Chief Executive, Inner Force, it was sponsored by Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, UNICEF and supported by Save the Children Denmark.

Mr. Mizanur Rahman, Coordinator of ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter said that a need base training was conducted. He also proposed a network of Counsellors and offered services available from ATSEC. For a data Bank, he requested all the organizations to send information to ATSEC. A name was proposed by the Resource Person for the networking organization of Counsellors, which was readily accepted. The organization would be called "Bangladesh Counsellor Guild (BCG) and Dr. Nilanjana Sanyal and Ms. Farida Akter would be its two advisor. Ms. Farida Aktar proposed the name of Mr. Atique Sobhan as Secretary, BCG, which was readily agreed upon by the participants.

SMOs of Nationwide Campaign for Prevention of Trafficking in Children and Women (NCPTCW) project Visit Different Districts and Government Officials

Rangpur: Mr. Tanvir Aziz Social Mobilization Officer (SMO), visited Rangpur Sadar Upazila and Gangachara Upazila from January 8-13 to pay an introductory visit with DC, SP, UNOs, District & Upazila Women Affairs Officer, Education Officers, Officer in Charge, NGO Officials, local Elite & others. He informed them about project objective & activities.

Comilla: Ms Ira Chowdhury, SMO, visited Comilla Sadar and introduced herself to DC, SP, UNO, OC, Women Affairs Officer, Education Officers, local elite & others.
She discussed with them about project objectives and activities.

Joypurhat & Naogaon: Ms. Rashida Begum, SMO, visited Joypurhat & Naogaon Districts from January 8 -12 to inform project objective & activities. She met with DC, UNO, Municipality Chairman, elected UP Chairman and Member, Officials of NGO Alliance of Joypurhat.
In Naogaon, she met with DC, UNO of Dhamurhat, Upazilla Education Officer , elected UP Chairman and members and local elite.

Kurigram & Lalmonirhat: Mr. Obaidur Rahman, SMO, visited Kurigram & Lalmonirhat Districts from January 8-13 2001, to inform project objective & activities.
He met with DC, SP, UNO, OC, Women Affairs Officers, Education Officers, NGO Officials of both the districts.

Satkhira: On 8th to 13th January, 2001, Ms. Hasina Begum, SMO, visited to Satkhira. There she met with DC, UNO, Education Officers and Women Affairs Officer. She also visited many NGOs like World Vision, Manob Kallan Shangha, USHA, Polli Chetona and Shetu.

Almost all the districts and Upazila officials expressed their wholehearted support and cooperation to combat child and women trafficking.

Draft workplan Prepared

A draft workplan for the NCPTCW project was developed in a workshop held on 27-28 Nov 2000, where all the ATSEC members participated. Ms. Nishat Chowdhry, Trafficking and Child Labour Advisor of USAID, Dhaka facilitated the workshop.
Border Campaign: On the month of December 2000, two members organizations - TCSD and Resource Bangladesh staged two street drama on "Trafficking" at 3 different areas near the border belt area of Chapai Nawabganj district. These events were supported by UNICEF.

Grassroots level activities of ATSEC

NGO Alliance of Joypurhat: NGO Alliance of Joypurhat arranged various programmes on prevention of human trafficking in Joypurhat, adjacent to the border area.
A cycle rally was brought out on November 15, 2000, which was inaugurated by Md. Mujibar Rahman acting DC of Joypurhat.
Besides, a press conference, a dialogue meeting and a signature collection campaign for awareness raising were held.
ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter extended cooperation for the activities and programmes. Mr. Pranab Kumar Nandi, Information and Communication Officer of ATSEC was present.

Bhagni Nivedita Manch: On 20th October 2000, Bhagni Nivedita Manchya organized a seminar on "Role of Civil Society on Children and Women Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation in Flood Affected Area."
A total of 80 participants from different local NGOs, UNO and ATSEC representative Mr. Obaidur Rahman were present in the seminar.

ISDE: ISDE organized a workshop on "Role of Union & Ward Committee to Prevent of Child and Women Trafficking" was held on 5th December 2000 at Mohona Hall, Chakaria, Cox's Bazar.
Seventy Participants including GO/NGO Officials, Union members/chairman, Imam, teachers, local leaders were present in the workshop. It was supported by ATSEC.

WARD: Awareness programs on children & women trafficking were organized by Work and Rural Development (Ward) of Jessore on October 11 and 13 2000.
A rally gathering 200-300 participants from all walks of life and a workshop were arranged which were supported by ATSEC.

BIYDC: Workshop, rally, discussion meeting and cultural programmes on combating human trafficking were organized by Bangladesh Ideal Youth Development Centre (BIYDC) of Chapai Nawabganj. Ms. Rashida Begum, SMO, represented ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter in the programs.

PMK: Palli Mangal Karmashuchi (PMK) organized a seminar on "Prevent Of Child & Women Trafficking and Exploitation" which was supported ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter was held on October 17, 2001 at PMK office, Savar.
A total of 30 Participants including local Elites, Lawyers, Agriculturist, Teachers and staff of PMK were present in the seminar

Other News

Mr. Dewan Sohrab Uddin has joined Save the Children Denmark as Regional Representative from 1st January 2001 .He will also work as Fund Manager of ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter.

Data Trek has developed and installed preliminary software on returnees at the Resource Centre of ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter.

A PowerPoint presentation on ATSEC and overview of Trafficking situation has been developed with the technical Assistance of Mr. Matthew S. Friedman which is available in the ATSEC secretariat.

Resources and Information

Data Base on the Returnees Developed

Data Trek developed a software for ATSEC Bangladesh and installed at the ATSEC resource centre to collect information about the trafficking victims.

Publication Catalogue Developed

Publication and Report catalogue is now available at the ATSEC Resource Centre. Anyone interested can contact the Information and Communication Officer at the ATSEC Secretariat during office hours.

Presentation on Trafficking Situation Developed

An overview of the trafficking has been developed with the technical assistance of Mr. Mathew S Friedman, Cognizant technical Officer, which was translated in Bangla by Mr. Mizanur Rahman Project Director of NCPTCW Project.

Draft Directory of NGOs

A draft directory of 130 NGOs who are working in the issue of child and women trafficking has been developed. This is a draft directory which is yet to be validated and not ready for dissemination.

Training Modules on "Prevention of Women and Child Trafficking"

Two training modules have developed by a team of ATSEC members. The team comprised of Prof. Ishrat Shamim of CWCS, Mr. Mizanur Rahman of Resource Bangladesh and Advocate Salma Ali of BNWLA. One module can be used for sensitization of policy planners
and the other module for development activities.

Request for articles
Any member or non- member of ATSEC can contribute articles for ATSEC Newsletter. It may be a case history, event or any information on human trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children. Please send articles to:

ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter
House # 30 Road # 9A
Dhanmondi R/A
Dhaka - 1209
88 02 8121176, 9134155
017810550 (GP - GP)


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