Action against Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children (ATSEC) Bangladesh Chapter
Action against Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation of Children (ATSEC) Bangladesh Chapter


ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter
How ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter Established
Activities done by ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter since its inception !!
ATSEC Newsletter (1st Issue)
ATSEC Newsletter (2nd Issue)
ATSEC Resource Centre
National Anti-Trafficking Information Resource Center (NATIRC)
Ongoing Projects of ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter
Profile: Member Organizations of ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter
First Activist Group of ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter

Plan and Activities/Sub-activities of ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter

1. Collection, Compilation, Review of Material/Information related to Child Trafficking

Study on Socio economic dimensions of trafficking in girl children in 6 pocket areas of Bangladesh

Preparation of directory of Red Barnet Partners Coordination Body (RBPCB) members working in Bangladesh

Development of IEC materials: Posters, Folders, Leaflets

2. Resource Mobilization

During the training, seminar and workshop period ATSEC member organisations have come up with their own resources like - dormitory use, training room use, free food, training aid use, free expertise, etc.

A project has been approved by USAID through which Resource Centre and Secretariat of ATSEC Bangladesh Chapter has been established in January 2000.

3. Capacity Building for ATSEC Chapter Members

An Advocacy Workshop conducted by Advocacy Institute, Washington DC, USA

Advocacy Training conducted by AI Fellows Forum of Bangladesh

Development of Trainers Manuals on combating Trafficking in children: One for GO & NGO Policy Planners and one for Front-line workers of NGOs

A TOT on the developed Trainers Manuals was conducted for 20 Trainers from NGOs

A training on Psycho-Social Counselling

4. Sensitization and Awareness Raising

Sensitization workshop on Combating Child and Women Trafficking for ATSEC Members

Networking Meeting among GOs, INGOs and NGOs (both national and grassroots level) on Missing Children issue

Rally and Community Meeting at Tappu, Chapai Nawabganj, near Indian border

Awareness raising campaign by ATSEC Bangladesh members

5. Exchange Visit

Exchange visit for disadvantaged children of NGOs: ten disadvantaged children and four NGO representatives visited West Bengal, India

Expecting a team of disadvantaged children and NGO representatives from West Bengal, India

6. Regional Cooperation Meeting

A 3 day Regional Cooperation Meeting was held from 23rd to 25th January 2000

7. Training on Psycho Social & Trauma Counseling

Three day training course was organized for the sub national and national level NGOs

8. Under Combat Child and Women Trafficking (CCWT) Project, funded by USAID/Bangladesh

Develop database to track information of returnees

Identified high-risk areas, NGOs who are working where and what type of resources they have to combat trafficking and prepared a Map

Organized one-day Technical Assistance Workshop for the 8 grassroots level grantee NGOs to work against trafficking issue

Organized workshop on developing National Agenda and Action Plan on trafficking issue

Organized technical assistance workshop for 8 grassroots NGOs

Provided seed money to 8 grassroots level NGOs to conduct anti trafficking activities in the border areas

Developed database to record and track whereabouts of trafficked returnees

9. Under Nationwide Campaign for Prevention of Trafficking in Children and Women (NCPTCW) Project, funded by USAID/Bangladesh

Establishment of Project Office

Expand Networking with other networks

Work plan Preparation

Select one stop media agency to develop the mass campaign materials

Rapport building with the Govt. Officials and grassroots level NGOs and

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